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Robert Southey
( , 1774 - 1843)

English Poet; Poet Laureate from 1813-1843

To a Goose

You are old, father William

To a Goose

If thou didst feed on western plains of yore;
Or waddle wide with flat and flabby feet
Over some Cambrian mountains plashy moor;
Or find in farmers yard a safe retreat
From gipsy thieves, and foxes sly and fleet;
If thy grey quills, by lawyer guided, trace
Deeds big with ruin to some wretched race,
Or love-sick poets sonnet, sad and sweet,
Wailing the rigour of his lady fair;
Or if, the drudge of housemaids daily toil,
Cobwebs and dust thy pinions white besoil,
Departed Goose! I neither know nor care.
But this I know, that thou wert very fine,
Seasond with sage and onions, and port wine.


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